We would like to introduce here our kennel.
In 1993, we got our first white shepherd, a male called CH. KIM RESTIGNA. In Kim, we had our best friend. It was him who had convinced our whole family to become obsessed with this breed and, in several years, to grow by a couple of whites. He also gathered many dog show titles in his life, such as Czech Champion, Slovak Champion, multiple Club Winner and many more. 1998 arrived and brought us our beloved female, BEAUTY WHITE MAJESTICS, who became the best dog of the year in 1999 and was bred the following year. So far she's had 5 litters, (in year 2005 Bety's has her last litter).



In 2003 it was the ‘F' litter out of which we kept a male called CH. FIDO TRICKSY OF KIM'S DREAM, who has been a sire since 2004.
In 2001, a female called CONTESA ZUKOVSKA ZAHRADA, who is a daughter of the above-mentioned Kim, arrived in our kennel. She has already become a mother of puppies, already a third generation of puppies in our kennel. From litter "I" stay female CH. IMOGEN SISSI OF KIM’S DREAM in our house. She born in year 2005. She is in breeding from 2007.
In 2003 and 2007 we received The Best Kennel Award at the Club and Special Dog Show, which we feel very proud of and are determined to do anything in order to show we deserved it rightfully. By our breeding, we would like to contribute to the prospective development of this breed, not just here in the Czech Republic, but also around the world. Our kennel's puppies have already got into eight European states – they, as well as all others, are bringing great satisfaction to us.

Great part of them have already become parents as well with many awards, some of them have taken the path of show success, others cruise different waters, for example as rescue or guiding dogs, some have set off to conquer the top places at cynological sport events, and others build their career as sires and breeding females.
I don't want anybody to think we underestimate the fact some dogs have become family pets in any way, in fact it's the contrary. To please a person, to be his best friend and vice versa: to be the dog's best friend – that's the most important thing. We breed both short-haired and long-haired puppies. We pride ourselves in family-type breeding in a pleasant environment. Concerning the upbringing, we emphasize correct development of their character since the first day they're born. We give it several hours of care every day.


In 2012 we decided to buy a Siberian Husky. For puppy we went to kennel in Austria and our new addition is called JCH. SPECIAL POWER OF BLACK DREAM WOLVES. It is incredibly active, playful, agile and cheerful. He also won the titles Junior Champion, BIS Junior, CAC, Winner of spec. exhibitions.
In Sempember the kennel in Austria borrowed us a female Siberian husky WILD WESTERN WIND OF NORDICA, it is a breeding female, the puppies are planning spring 2013. Another fantastic female is small ARABELLA FORTUNATUS from Poland and after a quarter of a year MYSTICS DREAM SIWASH LEGEND female Siberian husky from the Czech Republic.


This breed is very sporty and so our entire team is now dedicated in addition to farming, exhibitions, training, and sports such as dog sledding, dogtrekking below.

We breed our dogs for a wide scale of people interested, we offer our puppies as the best companions to all who wish to exhibit them, train them, breed them or cherish them and have a dog as a family pet. Regular checks at the vet, vaccination and worming are a matter-of course. We use only high quality food for our dogs.



Thank you for reading thesepages. We believe you, too, belong among those who have been enchanted by this beautiful and noble breeds, and that you will find on these sites all why you've come to us.

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We speak English and a bit Germany.

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